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Breaking News

                             POLYGRAPH EXAMINATIONS
     It has come to the Associations attention that some of our members
were being requested to take polygraph examinations.
     Such actions are contrary to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Members are not required to submit to polygraph examinations under
any circumstances. If you are requested to take a polygraph examination,
do not agree to do so. Rather, notify your Union Steward, Executive
Board member on call or the DPOA and ask to speak to one of the officers
immediately regarding the matter. Once you have spoken to the Union,
contact John Goldpaugh, the Union Attorney, and follow his instructions.
     You have the absolute right to refuse to take the polygraph test. If you
do take the test, regardless of the results, the statements given by you
could be used against you both criminally and departmentally. By agreeing
to take the test, you are waiving your constitutional rights and you are not
protected under Garrity. It is the Union's stand that you NEVER waive any
of your (hard-fought-for) rights.
     If a supervisor requests you take a polygraph test, refuse and contact
the DPOA immediately.

DPOA Notices
     After researching five years of payroll stubs and conversing with City
Labor, the assumption that City of Detroit Benefits Administration was
collecting medical premiums in error was wrong. It appears the Cities
practice to collect insurance premiums from members begins the second
payroll period of the current year and runs through the first payroll period
of the next year for a total of 26 pays. So those that had premiums deducted
from this first check in January when in they fact switched to COPS Trust
was not in error, it was the 26th pay of insurance premiums for 2015. There
should be no further deductions for health care premiums if you switched
to COPS Trust. If it happens contact the DPOA Grievance Committee.
Garrity Notices
Member Shall be given 48 hours written notification prior to being
interviewed at which time the member being served shall Immediately
notify the D.P.O.A. Office to have the attorney scheduled. Members are
not Required to do Phone Interviews.


DPOA Notices

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Seaside Police Department (OR)

Sergeant Jason Goodding was shot and killed as he and another officer attempted to serve a warrant on a subject on the 300 block of Broadway Street at approximately 9:30...

Port Authority of Allegheny County Police Department (PA)

K9 Aren was stabbed to death during the apprehension of a subject on Whitney Avenue, near the Martin Luther King Jr. Busway, in Wilkinsburg. Officers had engaged the subject in a...

Rutland County Sheriff's Office (VT)

K9 Betcha was accidentally struck and killed by his handler's cruiser in Danby, Vermont. His handler was moving the patrol car forward when Betcha ran in front of it and was...

Omaha Police Department (NE)

K9 Kobus was shot and killed while attempting to apprehend a subject who had barricaded himself inside of his home, near the intersection of North 83rd Street and Keystone Drive,...
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DPOA Notices
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