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" There comes a time in your
life, when you walk away from
all the drama and people who
create it. You surround yourself
with people who make you laugh.
Forget the bad, and FOCUS ON
THE GOOD. Love the people
who treat you right, and pray for
the ones who don't. Life is too
short to be ANYTHING BUT 
HAPPY. Falling down is part of
life, getting back up is living".
  Jose N. Harris
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DPOA Notices
The officers of the DPOA signed the new collective bargaining agreement today in the office of Mayor Mike Duggan. The agreement now must be signed by the state which is expected to occur within the next 48 hours.

The 8% pay increase will be evident on the pay check received on November 14. Also on that check will be a
"signing bonus" equal to the 8% increase the membership should have been receiving between August 27 
(ratification date) and the effective date of the contract. This "signing bonus" will be in lieu of retroactive 
pay which is no longer allowable by state law. We thank you for your patience and support in this long and 
frustrating process and assure you we will continue to fight for the needs and rights of the membership.
Fundraiser / Fun Day Event to Firekeepers Casino to be Held on Thursday October 9, 2014 Departure
from 4th Pct 4700 W. Fort Detroit, Mi. 48209 10:00am to 6:00 pm Contact Scott Barrick (313) 567-8770
Health Care - If You Are Having A Problem With Your Health Care, 
Please Call Benefits @ (313) 224-2742, Or Visit Benefits In Person At
C.A.Y.M.C. Building Room 1026. They Are Open Every Day Of The Week.
Need Emergency Assistance After Hours? - Executive Board Members
Are On Call For Emergency Situations Only.
Garrity Notices - Member Shall be given 72 hours written notification prior to being interviewed at which time the Member being served shall Immediately notify the D.P.O.A. Office (313) 567-8770 to have the Attorney scheduled. 
Notify the D.P.O.A. Office if you are Ordered to make Statements
to Schedule an Appointment.
Has Your Address Changed? - Don't Miss Out On Important 
Information. Notify The D.P.O.A. Office As Those Changes Take Place. 
Retirees - Keep Up With Current Events And Meeting Dates.
Become An Associate Member Of The D.P.O.A. For $25.00 A Year.
Contact The D.P.O.A. Office @ (313) 567-8770 For An Application.

DPOA Notices

The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc.

Pennsylvania State Police (PA)

Trooper David Kedra was accidentally shot and killed while participating in a training exercise at the Montgomery County Public Safety Training Complex, in Plymouth Township, at approximately 4:45 pm. During the...

Covina Police Department (CA)

Police Officer Jordan Corder was killed in a motorcycle crash while pursuing a motorcycle on North Citrus Avenue. The motorcycle he was pursuing ran through a red light at West Puente...

Newark Police Department (NJ)

Police Officer Reinaldo Arocha suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after he and another officers had to subdue an emotionally disturbed person who was being taken into custody. He had returned...

New York City Police Department (NY)

Police Officer Michael Williams was killed in a vehicle crash on the Bruckner Expressway, near Bryant Avenue, at approximately 5:45 am. Officer Williams was riding in the rear compartment of an...
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DPOA Notices
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