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Strength does not come from
winning, your struggles develop
your strength. When you go
through hardships and decide
not to surrender, that is strength.
 Unknown Author

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DPOA Notices
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                                         TEXAS de BRAZIL
                                  Brazilian Steakhouse Offer
The location of the meeting in these General Election rules has changed
because of the unavailability of the Serbian Hall. This came after the rules
were printed and passed out at the Board of Directors meeting . The new
location appears below. The location in the rules will be corrected and
disseminated to the membership.
General Membership Meeting
October 8, 2015 5:00 p.m. 
Holy Cross K of  C Hall
4831 Larkins at Michigan
Detroit, Mi. 48210  
Garrity Notices
Member Shall be given 48 hours written notification prior to being interviewed at which time the member being served shall Immediately notify the D.P.O.A. Office to have the attorney scheduled. Members are not Required to do Phone Interviews. 

DPOA Notices

The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc.

Forest Acres Police Department (SC)

Police Officer Greg Alia was shot and killed when he and two other officers responded to a suspicious person call at the Richland Mall shortly before 8:00 am. The officers located...

Madison County Sheriff's Office (TN)

Deputy Sheriff Rosemary Vela was killed in a single vehicle crash while responding to backup another deputy. She was traveling on Highway 70 West, near Huntersville, when her patrol car left...

Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office (FL)

Deputy Sheriff Bill Myers was shot and killed while serving a domestic violence injunction at a local attorney's office on Plew Avenue, in Shalimar, at approximately 8:20 am. He had served...

Virginia State Police (VA)

Trooper Nathan-Michael Smith was killed in a single vehicle crash at approximately 7:10 am while responding to assist another trooper whom he believed to be in distress at an accident...
Click Here for all DPD Fallen But Not Forgotten Officers

DPOA Notices
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Cable News Network - CNN
WJBK - Channel 2 News
WDIV - Channel 4 News





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