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Breaking News
                         TWO NEW YORK CITY POLICE OFFICERS
                                   ASSASSINATED IN AMBUSH
     On Saturday, December 20th two New York City Police Officers were
shot and killed, execution style, while sitting in their marked police vehicle
eating lunch. This cowardly act was committed by an anti-police extremist
fueled by the recent media coverage of police events.
     Elected public officials from the highest offices across the country have
failed to support the police officers across this country that protect us all.
Not only have they failed to support police officers many including the
Mayor of New York City have shown support for the anti-police movement.
Many feel the rhetoric of Mayor de Blasio help lead to the senseless attacks
on New York City police officers including the savage execution of
Officer Ramos and Officer Liu yesterday.
      It is well past the time for the elected officials across this country to take
whatever action is necessary to stop this anti-police madness that is
spreading across the country and get behind and support the Law
Enforcement Community.
     Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Officer Ramos and
Officer Liu and all the Law Enforcement Community as we grieve and try
to make sense of what is happening to our country.
Stay Safe
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The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc.

Charles County Sheriff's Office (MD)

Private First Class Jamel Clagett was killed in a single vehicle crash when his patrol car left the roadway and struck a tree on Route 218, near Fairview Beach, Virginia,...

Tarpon Springs Police Department (FL)

Police Officer Charlie Kondek was shot and killed while responding to a noise complaint call at 199 Grand Boulevard. Residents of an apartment complex had called police because a man who...

New York City Police Department (NY)

Police Officer Wenjian Liu and Police Officer Rafael Ramos were shot and killed from ambush while sitting in their patrol car at the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Thompkins Avenue...

New York City Police Department (NY)

Police Officer Rafael Ramos and Police Officer Wenjian Liu were shot and killed from ambush while sitting in their patrol car at the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Thompkins Avenue...
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DPOA Notices
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